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How to Transform Yourself into a Badass Influencer Brands Want to Work With

November 10, 2018

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This is an audio recording interview where I speak with Paul Traficanti from Reelio.

Reelio is an influencer marketing agency that acts like a liaison between influencers and brands for collaboration deals.

I chat with Paul about how to position yourself as a top micro influencer in your niche, or clients eyes, even if you’re just starting with less than 1,000 followers.

We touch on topics like:

- The best practices of micro influencers, questions to ask before accepting an offer with a brand
- Some verbiage you NEED to have in your contract
- How many platforms you should have up at once, and more!


Instagram or Twitter: (@reelio


How many social media platforms should a person have? [3:06]
Best practices of influencers [5:03]
Working with clients using Snapchat [8:38]
Common mistakes that ruins brands [10:28]
What makes you stand out from your competition [13:06]
Why you need to start writing case studies after working with a brand [14:24]
Do you need to register yourself as an LLC? [19:33]
Pricing yourself on your platforms [24:50]
The Social Blue Book [29:28]
What you should focus on when you still have a small audience [31:27]
Can I work with a brand's competitors? [34:07]
Why you need a contract and what elements should be inside it [35:57]
Should an influencer have a website or blog? [38:12]
Learning each social channels algorithms [40:41]


The Downloadable Influencer Rapport Guide:

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Learn about more distribution practices:…a-on-the-uprise

How to build a relationship with influencers:…o-plus-strategy

How to transform yourself into a badass influencer brands want to work with (written work):…nt-to-work-with